Silence Victory

20th August 2012, 14:18

Among the most extraordinary accomplishments of American submariners is the impressive victory of U.S. World War II Fleet Boats over the Japanese Navy and Merchant Marine. While many books have been written describing this victory, few understand to what degree the U.S. Submarine Force gutted Japanese industrial and military strength during the Second World War.

The U.S. Pacific Submarine campaign had three major accomplishments. First, Japanese Merchant Marine losses crippled the ability of Japanese industry to generate military power. Second, destruction of Japanese Merchant Marine and Naval forces significantly reduced the Japanese ability to project power throughout the vast Pacific. Third, use of the submarine enabled the U.S. Navy to take the offensive in Japanese-controlled waters and inflict disproportionate losses relative to the U. S. Investment in submarines.

Lets give this a ‘look-see’ and review the effects of the U.S. Submarine campaign on Japan. The implication for today’s military, heavily dependent on logistics for power projection should not be forgotten. Today, even with the impressive and growing ability of the U.S. Navy to effect land warfare, sea control still remains job number one.

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