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John Nicholson
11th February 2006, 13:53
Hi All

I am trying to find out more about my late father who served onboard a ship in the 1960's called the British Beacon. This is based on a picture that my sister has and a family "legend". Can anyone help me to search for details of this vessel?

Much appreciated

John Nicholson

11th February 2006, 14:04
Welcome John to the site enjoy it and all it has to offer, I feel sure someone will come up with an answer. Goto http:// for 2 photos of her at Port Said.

John Nicholson
11th February 2006, 14:10
Thank you very much for the quick response. I am very grateful to you. My sister has this exact picture in a frame in her living room. It is fantastic to see it again and know where the picture was taken.

11th February 2006, 15:08
British Beacon Launched 19.4.59 completed 29.10.59 by Ansaldo,Genoa for B.P.Tanker Co.Ltd.Transferred to Clyde Charter Company 27.1.60
Renamed Beacon 1973 Lberian flag
Broken up Masan Korea demolition began March 76
Hope this is the info you were after.

11th February 2006, 15:30
Hi Sparton, You do well with your answers, I keep my own data base, but you seem well ahead of me, or are you using the Google

11th February 2006, 21:37
No he ' Drinks Carling Black Label ' (LOL)

11th February 2006, 21:56
Welcome to the site. If you type in British Beacon in the search box in the gallery you will find a few other pictures pictures of the Beacon on this site.
I joined the Beacon on her maiden voyage in October 1959 as a 2nd trip apprentice & stayed until July 1960. Was your father aboard during this time? The picture that your sister has was taken during the time I was serving on her. In what capacity was your father serving? I may have known him.
Kind regards,
John F.

12th February 2006, 06:06
Ahoy John,

Welcome aboard, enjoy yourself on this fine ship and her crew, as we do; looking forward to your postings.
From Holland

12th February 2006, 07:10
British Beacon statistics....Date 1959.
Tons Gross...23,015
Length (feet)...683
Breadth (feet)...86
Speed (knots)...16
Engines...Steam Turbine.
I hope this is of some assistance in your quest.
Regards...Bill Burton....Hobart.

John Nicholson
12th February 2006, 09:19
Thank you all for your help. I am eternally grateful. You have been very helpful . John F, my father's name was John Herbert Nicholson and he was from Hetton Le Hole, near Sunderland. I believe that he served in the boiler room as a stoker, but this is based on very sketchy family knowledge. He may not have served during the early years, but you never know...

Thanks to everyone again for your help. Do you know where I can get a list of crew records for the British Beacon?


John Nicholson.

12th February 2006, 11:01
Welcome aboard from Italy.

12th February 2006, 11:06
John go to the MN site and ask same question, one of their members have the details of where you can get them.

Ron Stringer
12th February 2006, 12:59
Do you know where I can get a list of crew records for the British Beacon? John Nicholson.
You can find most of the records of British ship's logs and crew lists in the Maritime History Archive of the University of Newfoundland. They do not have records for years ending in '5' e.g. 1955, 1965 and so on which were retained in the UK National Archive at Kew.

The Maritime History Archive have a website where you can see the various listings of records that they hold and the services that they provide. If you are not able to attend yourself, on receipt of a list of ship names (and official numbers if you have them) and the dates concerned, they will look up the information and send it to you by airmail or surface mail, as you request.

The information is free but the services of their staff to research it for you from the records is not! Their research fees are based on 1 hour to complete a search of 2 years of crew agreements for 1 vessel (or 2 vessels for 1 year). If there is a log book accompanying a crew agreement the number of copies for each voyage is usually around 40 although there could be more for the 1950s and 1960s.

Be prepared for a big bill if there are many ships and many voyages. I was quoted over 400 for the ports of call and crew lists for the 6 years I was at sea. The contact address is

Heather Wareham, Archivist
Maritime History Archive
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL
A1C 5S7

Tel: (709) 737-8203
Fax: (709) 737-3123

Good luck,