The "AgRs"

1st September 2012, 17:28

Completing an early-warning ring of radar sites around the United States in the pre-satellite Cold- War era was a fleet of 16 Specially modified Navy-manned Liberty ships spotted in mid-ocean to alert America’s East and West Coast of impending air attack.

This article entails the era of the "Cold War"....when tensions seemed to escalate between the United States and the Soviet Union....this was in the mid- 1950's. Well what took place was the U.S. and Canada were somewhat concerned that an attack from over the North Pole could be a possibility. So in light of this concern it was conceived that and "Early Warning System"..had to be put into place...they call this the "Distant Early Warning Line" or better known as The 'DEW' Line...across the Arctic border.

The article gives you some input on how we came up to monitor this "DEW LINE"...and what ships were involved.... this article has pictures of the ships as well as a thumbnail of info on each.

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