Air-Ships Against the Subs

1st September 2012, 18:36
This article is about a subject that has not generally been discussed a great deal. Oh yes if you've viewed WW II pictures of invasions you would see the (LTA's)....which stands for 'Lighter-Than-Air' components of the U.S. Navy....better referred to as "blimps."

There were and probably still is many miss-conceptions about how the performance of the LTA's benefited the Navy in the all out effort of invasions and having a "helium umbrella" over the Merchant Marine that was so important in supply to our friends and fighting men on other shores.

I'd have to say...this is an interesting if your up for a short read....and wish to know a tad about these "LTA's".....well you can click on this: AN EFFECTIVE UMBRELLA (