Battle of Guadalcanal

1st September 2012, 18:09
Had the mighty Japanese vanguard of ships not been stopped by a handful of hard-pressed American warships, the US Marines would have been pushed into the sea by Japanís reinforcements.

During the months of September and October 1942, the Japanese High Command made repeated unsuccessful attempts to reinforce their troops on Guadalcanal.

In the early part of November, American reconnaissance aircraft observed a heavy enemy Naval concentration beginning to assemble in the Shortland Islands. Many large transports were also noticed which indicated that the Japanese were possibly planning a large scale landing operation on Guadalcanal.
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donald h
1st September 2012, 19:20
A well written and enthralling account, Bud.
Thanks for posting it.

regards, Donald

1st September 2012, 19:29
Donald you are very welcome....hope it generates conversation...of which is my sole purpose of the writing.