USS Enterprise: On to Tokyo

8th September 2012, 22:38
The "Big E" was returning to sea, most of her guns being replace by more powerful 20-mm, as well as her fighter squadron was being increased. All in all she was backed up by two heavy cruisers, four destroyers and an oiler.

The "Big E" was teaming up with the carrier "Hornet," and there target was "JAPAN."

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8th September 2012, 23:20
BUD it is staggering to think I was on a tanker off CUBA around the time of the missile crisis when out of the early morning mist loomed the ENTERPRISE we had never seen that square bridge before on carriers I believe it was her first deployment hard to take in that was almost fifty years ago and still going strong, Reguards Kypros

8th September 2012, 23:36
BUD full apologies should have clicked on your links first thought your thread was about the modern nuclear ENTERPRISE. REGUARDS KYPROS

8th September 2012, 23:41
No apologie needed