Why Do We Say "G.I.?"

14th September 2012, 20:27
You know if you are anywhere near being a 'reader' your eyes probably 'dance' over words or letters that you really don't have a clue how they came to be.
Well some years ago I developed an interest in the history of works or 'letters' such as "G.I." wondering....now just where did this come from. Well Mr. Reader you would be very surprised....and I'm just talking about "one" set of letters or words.
So...since my interest or 'hobby if you will' is nautical or military, try wrapping your mind around this.

Now this isn't a 'several page' item....just a 'one page' description...but in my opinion it is pretty neat.....and this subject of word history when it entails military and/or nautical history... you got my attention...history is very important to me....and do you know folks it was one of the subjects I hated in school..

Hope you enjoy this short article

Why Do We Say "G.I"

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