Sailors Dressed Like Soldiers

15th September 2012, 13:38
The article that I posted just prior to this article [ACTION THIS DAY OF DAYS (] which happens to be on the Normandy invasion....[you can read that article if you so wish by clicking on the above title] and during that invasion all of the military was on that beachhead...Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marines. Well somehow they had to tell one another to glance at a Sailor or a Coast Guard-man....they was told to paint a 'grey stripe' on their helmet. Well this article somewhat follows the same idea...but with a twist due to the fact that these sailors that was on the Normandy beachhead...was largely unappreciated of their heroic duties .....

They were the naval beach battalions or (NBB's)....and they were I.D.ed by red helmet markings..... Secretly trained they were the U.S. Navy medical teams.....and they were on Omaha Beach, on June 6th, 1944. I talk of "they"...well "they were 18 doctors and 144 corpsmen who landed in the early hours of D-Day."

So as you can see this article somewhat fits on the heels of the prior if you'd care to give this one a read as well....I think you'll get some idea of what these guys had to deal with when landing on the Normandy beach heads.....and the guts it took to make all the attempts they could to save lives in a very high casualty assault.

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