USS Jarvis [Too Soon To Glory]

22nd September 2012, 14:22
The "Jarvis" was a Gridley-Bagley-Class Prewar Destroyer.

Oh my....she was a tough ole bird...actually about as tough as they come. Her and her crew never considered the consequences of leaving behind their damaged whaleboat and life rafts.

The Congress categorically denied the U.S. Navy any fund for new destroyers from 1916 until the early 1930s. The reason was obvious to anyone who appreciated the value of a modern Navy that was, at a minimum, equal to other Navies. Nearly 250 Wickes-class of four-piper, flush-deck destroyers were built to fight in WW I and, at war’s end, only a fraction of these ships served at sea against the enemy. May went from the guilder’s yard to the reserve fleet bastions at locales such as San Diego and Philadelphia. There they sat, and by their existence, prevented the expenditure of taxpayer dollars for modern warships. The response to the Navy’s request was always the same - “You already have a huge destroyer force, why do you need more?”

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