RFA Creosol

24th September 2012, 13:45
Hi there,

Does anyone know of any plans existing for her? She was torpedoed on Feb 7, 1918 by UC-17 off Sunderland. Tyne and Wear don't have the plans...

24th September 2012, 18:22
I am not sure what you need the plans for, but I did some drawings from photos of a Creosol class in 1/700 scale in order to make a master for resin casting. Not likely to be very accurate and certainly not detailed, but I am happy to pass them on if you are interested.
Photo shows one of the completed models with HMS Fowey alongside.


24th September 2012, 18:42
What an accomplishment! I'd be very interested please.

Thanks, Jessica

25th September 2012, 08:44
I tried to upload a pdf file of the plan. but was not sure if it is a format that works here. I also have the plan as a bitmap file - hope it is OK. I still have a few of the resin casts left if you are interested.

If there are problems my personal e-mail is donmckeand at hotmail dot com (substitute the symbols for the at and dot)


25th September 2012, 08:56
Try contacting www.historicalrfa.org.
They will probably have something

25th September 2012, 09:47
Thank you very much for this. Do you still have the photo from which you did this?

27th September 2012, 09:30
George GM's recommendation is the best source, and I used the pictures there as well as published pictures in books on the RFA such as Royal Fleet Auxiliary in Focus (Jon Wise), Royal Fleet Auxiliary 1905-1985 (Tony James) Fighting Merchantmen (Sidney Goodman)