Bedeviling Mystery of the Vanished Conestoga

25th September 2012, 13:12
One of the greatest ocean mysteries of the 20th century was the fate of a fleet tug of the U.S. Navy which vanished with all hands while on a routine peacetime voyage to a new home port. A number of clues to her disappearance existed, but no one knew how to read those clues - and, unfortunately, no one seemed to care.

The year was 1921, a time of frustration for the Navy. Still smarting from the disappearance of the collier Cyclops with 309 men in 1918, it was now doing battle with Gen. Billy Mitchell of the Army's Air Service who was trying to sink the Navy's battleships, literally and figuratively. In the midst of that damage to its freputation, and pride, the Navy was forced to work its way through the disappearance of an additional ship which vanished from the face of the earth that year - the USS Conestoga.

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Stephen J. Card
25th September 2012, 15:05
Interesting story. Raises more questions than it answers!

donald h
25th September 2012, 17:37
Compulsive reading. Thanks for posting the story, Bud.

regards, Donald