Man-made Graveyard

26th September 2012, 14:32
Ah....Yes....Ship graveyards....a divers dream come true!!! These graveyards are worldwide....and actually came about by numerous events.

The photo at the link site is somewhat of a rare color pic of Test Baker, which many know is connected to the "Bikini Atoll,"....a most famous gravesite. This is actually where we (the U.S.) demonstrated to everyone concerned....especially Russia..... just how nasty a nuclear bomb could be.

Now I will not go into any great detail here on the 'lead-in' of this article. Some of it you may well know about, some of you may not know about....but I still find it interesting to refresh the memory every now and then on just what did take place on one of the most famous man-made graveyards.

This is not a long article....about 5 or 6 pages...but if you are wanting a short read, before you have to get up from the breakfast table to 'walk-the-dog'....well you may want to take a gander at this one.

Link: HERE (