Bring'em Back Alive

26th September 2012, 13:46
I don't know if you realize it or not....but we'll do 'anything it takes' to rescue a navy don't make any difference the expense or the danager....those men come first...that is the bottom line.

Many times Navy flyers took off from a carrier in the Pacific....flew many miles to engage in smashing out Jap flyers out of the doing so they run out fuel, had to land they landed on the first carrier they come too....regardless if that carrier had a flight deck loaded with it's own how did they make room?

Well to make room for the 'fly boys'.....over the side was pushed Hellcats priced at $88,000 each, along with Helldivers costing $108,000....yes in deed....the deck crews went out on the deck, and pushed over planes to make room for the guys to land....there was never a question in doing what was needed to bring them boys home.

But that is not the only type of incident that took place to rescue "Boys of Blue" ....submarines risk 'life and limb' to go in close in lagoons to pick up not only one downed crew but sometimes several...going from one to the other in a matter of hours....they would have so many rescued pilots aboard they didn't have bunks for them and the crew....and some had to sleep "two to a bunk"....yep, I kid you not....and I don't mean "hot bunking"....I mean "two at the same time in a bunk"... If you can imagine a "bunk" on a WW II sub...well folks it is barely big enough for one...let alone two.

Then there was one incident on board the USS Card....where as a rescued pilot got knocked overboard....a destroyer threw him a line...and then before they could get him out of the enemy sub came into the area....and the destroyer took off ....full tilt... Well I don't have to tell you what this sailor on the end of this rope was going through.....he barely made it.

Well I could go on and on here about these rescue attempts but why do so..... I'll just direct you to the link of thie article and you can click on this title: BRING 'EM BACK ALIVE....NAVY STYLE ( and link up directly ....and every one of them you read about will set you on the edge of your chair....and you in the hell did these guys do what they did??