Disaster Off Savo Island

27th September 2012, 11:33
We had a major battle in getting onto Guadalcanal....but we did eventually manage.....but involved in this whole mess was a night battle referred to as "The Battle of Savo Island."

To put it real bluntly...there were four.....yes that is 1, 2, 3, and 4...cruisers lost during this battle...one of which was the USS Astoria (CA-34). Now a cruiser is no cork in the water as far as a warship goes....she is one hunk of ship that does in fact pose a factor in any sea battle.

Well this particular night...August 9th, 1942 started a series of events that proved out to be extremely costly in the loss of the four cruisers. The Japanese had slipped into position....missed by all the forces we had in the area....planes, ships and anything else that would float....but still the Japanese slipped in to within striking distance of yards.....and lite up the surprised cruisers with searchlights....and lite them up...and pounded the hell out of all units.

The one unit...the USS Astoria provides great detail on what took place during being surprised right up to the ship fighting back when surprised....all the way to when she was abandoned...
Yes it is one hell of a story.

If you'd care to give it a read....just click on the below title to the link:

DISASTER OFF SAVO ISLAND (http://navalmerchantshiparticles.blogspot.com/2011/11/disaster-off-savo-island.html)