Destroyers With Wings

27th September 2012, 12:50
Actually the Seaplane idea came from an idea that did come about back in the 20's when destroyers were more or less just overgrown torpedo boats and airplanes were covered in doped linen. So 'somebody' got the hair-brained idea to bring out the same idea in 1943 and give it another 'go.'...but actually it was again doomed to fail...but it was tried on three Fletcher-class destroyers.

Well the truth be known...the talk was that FDR himself....thought up this scheme due to the fact that these relative new 'Fletcher' destroyers were faily fast on there comparison to a cruiser or battleship.

Also when you read this article you need to keep in mind that ole FDR he really liked his warships, and in fact usually occupied special quarters aboard a heavy cruiser when he was out and about in visiting America's wartime Allies.....and so in this 'scheme of things' a seaplane would be a pretty neat thing to carry VIPs, like himself away from trouble in case a cruiser was disabled or in trouble in any manner....

So....this article will give you some idea of the history of this 'idea' that involved three destroyers...USS Pringle (DD-477), USS Stevens (DD-479), and USS Halford (DD-480)......and show you just how 'unacceptable' this idea was to the crews of these vessels.

Ok...well if I've tickled your 'Interest' in this tad of U.S. Navy history...and if you wish to give this 8 or so pager a 'look see' all you have to do is click on this title: DESTROYERS WITH WINGS ( and it will take you right to this screwed up attempt to put seaplanes on destroyers.

Hope you enjoy