Development Of:the Night Fighters Of Ww II

29th September 2012, 11:33
The below article may not be in the interest of all being this forum is more or less geared toward 'nautical interest,' but it is a part of U.S. Naval I thought it appropriate to post.


They went by many names: ‘The Black Cats....The Hunter-Killers..Night Torpedo men...and just plain Night fighters. Naval Aviators that flew in the night...that gained well-earned pride in WW II.

These men....these carrier and shore based attack pilots was un-excelled in achievement or individual excellence in World War II. This gratifying event....not withstanding, the story of night air combat in the U.S. Navy bears repeating since it is replete with lessons which could easily be learned at sickening cost in another war in a type of flying which is its natural descendant, all-weather air combat.

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29th September 2012, 13:14
One of the most important invention's we gave to the American's as our Allies was not the Jet Engine but the Magnatron which we had invented for our A.I. fitted Nightfighter's (along with information about carrot's). American money and industrial might went on to develope some superb RADAR's along with the Microwave Oven. Such is the story of a number of British invention's which due to our Government's lack of foresight with funding found their future in American hand's along with the Inventor's