His Majesty's Unsinkable Ship

3rd October 2012, 14:26
The Berlin radio announced one morning during the war that His Majesty's ship Argonaut, a new light cruiser, had been sunk by a daring U-boat skipper in the Mediterranean. For once in its lie-filled life-time, radio Berlin had every reason to believe it was telling the truth. By most naval standards, a thin-skinned 5,500-ton cruiser is a "one-torpedo" ship - meaning that one well-placed fish will sink her. The Argonaut, no sturdier than her frisky sisters, was blasted stem and stern by two heavy submarine torpedoes. Nearly 40 percent of her hull was completely blown away or torn beyond repair. Yet she lived to fight another day, and many times after that, against both the Germans and the Japs.

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