Musicians + Shrimp Beds

5th October 2012, 19:16
It was not long after WW II that the Navy disclosed they and the Allies had used "Sonar" effectively to sink over a 1,000 German and Japanese submarines. At that time "Sonar" was still somewhat of a 'hush-hush' thing with the U.S. Navy.....yeah it was being used....but they didn't wish to seat and have a long discussion about the details of how it worked and all that rot.

But, some of the things that did come out in the discussions were how 'Musicians" and "Shrimp Beds" was used in the development of this somewhat newly developed weapon.

Well I have a short article....only 2 pages long on just how this all came if you'd care to take a few minutes to give it a can click on this link: MUSICIANS, SHRIMP BEDS....BIG FACTORS IN WW II SONAR ( and it will take you right to how all this came about.