Mr. Stouts "torpedo Bomber"

5th October 2012, 18:23
With the development of aircraft some of the 'thinkers' in the high levels of the U.S. Navy had some thoughts on how to use these new devices in the quest of sea power. 'Sea Power' always being referred too as "the best weapon" well as the 'best way to deliver that weapon'.....and so the 'Naval Brass' put "two and two" together..."How about the airplane and the torpedo??"

Hmmmmmmmmm....sounds like a heck of an idea to me. Well along about 1917 or so there was some test done with a Curtiss R-6 float biplane, but these so called test were not as successful as was hoped for.

What the tests brought to the forefront was for a successful drop....the speed and altitude would have to be carefully monitored to ensure that the torpedo was entering the water at the right angle.....otherwise it would skip in and out of the water. Also the airplane itself had to have the muscle to carry this "giant cigar shaped" the idea the 'Brass' had was a good one....but they lacked the tools of delivery of this weapon.

So the hunt was on for this "tool"...the one airplane that could 'do it all'....... Well here is where Mr. William Bushnell Stout came into the picture. Ole Stout had his nose in alot of designing of anything mechanical....engines, motorcycles, model planes, and 'yes' even automobiles....and then all of sudden he got bitten by the bug of 'aeronautics.'

This article is about Mr. Stout building his airplanes....and one in as to sell to the U.S. Navy as the "tool" to deliver the the proper manner.....but he wasn't alone ...there were many that had the same idea. Anyway, Mr. Stout done his thing....and if you are interested in Naval History...this article may enlighten you on what took place.....and was Mr. Stout successful?....and where did he end up in this quest for a new tool in the delivery system of the torpedo?

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