Mystery Of The Missing Mariner

6th October 2012, 16:40
Oh yes...things disappear all the time each of us has looked many times for a set of car keys that we "Knew" we laid on the table just last they are "gone!"......hmmmmmmmm....strange!!!!

It gets alot more serious when five TBM Avengers ...known as "Flight Nineteen" just ups and disappears....yes indeed it did happen. Then to add salt to this unexplained event....a search plane....a pretty good size 'dude' herself..........................

She just up's and disappears as well

Now wait just a minute here...what the heck is going on?.....well folks that is just what this next article is all about....trying to make some logical sense of how all this took place back in December of 1945.

There was "nothing" ever found of the five Avengers....the pilots...nor of the PBM Mariner...or her crew...but get this....21 days after these planes and there crews disappears off our Southeast coast...what is now called "The Devil's or Bermuda Triangle" of the familes received a read: "You have been misinformed about me. (I) Am very much alive. George."

Talk about making you 'shake in your boots'....that sure would.

The U.S. Navy did do an investigation....and many things were discussed...mulled over...looked at in different angles.....

Well tell you what....if your interested I'll just refer you to the article itself...and you can give it all a going over and make your own judgement at just what did take place....but before I put down the "link" to the article...I will say this..... "Yes" one would think that logic must prevail....things like this just can't happen without it somehow being explained.....and just when you think you've read about that 'logic aspect of it all"...then a "curve" is throwed into the mix....

I'll let you the reader determine your own conclusion

HERE ( is the 'link.'

donald h
6th October 2012, 17:30
Thank you Bud.
The loss of 'Flight Nineteen' I have read about many times, and before I continued reading through your narrative, I was going to mention the 'Philadelphia Experiment' as perhaps a follow up, not realising it was to become part of the story.
Books I`d read in the UK hadn`t particularly tied in the two events, although I had read about the Philadelphia Experiment back in the 1970s when it was (and still is) an intriguing event. Now THAT is one event, I really would like to have some insider information on!!

regards, Donald

6th October 2012, 17:49
Hi Donald.....In my opinion the "two" do somewhat tie together.....and I myself have always 'mulled' over the idea of disappearing ships. I've never went into depth of the specifics of it thing for sure it is one heck of a story if someone wishes to get into the research of it all. My guess.....and it is "only" a guess....was or is something along the lines of the Philadelphia Experiment my opinion...."YES!!!"
Now let me offer you this .... Did the planes in the above article just up a vanish....again in my opinion...."Yes!!" [only a gut guess]....and something went wrong in "this experiment"....because the 'crewman' was not suppose to vanish with the planes.
Ok...some will call my 'views' as just plain "Grey Matter non-sense"...well I respect their opinion....but at least I lay out my it what you will but the above "Was" tied to the Philadelphia Experiment....{again in my opinion}. They tried it once....they tried it twice....and a third...."that we know about" all didn't work 100% as they had wished....but it did work.

We'll never know .....but my goodness what a story!!!!

donald h
6th October 2012, 18:04
Thanks for your comments, Bud.
It is a good while now since I read about the Philidelphia Experiment, but from what I can vaguely recall, the 'transportation' experiment allegedly DID work albeit with unexpected outcomes, ie. crewmen who (again, allegedly) materialised/de-materialised through, between, and even became part of bulkheads, spontaneous combustion, and (most definitely) insanity.
Definitely an intriguing read.

regards, Donald

6th October 2012, 22:52
Regarding "flight nineteen". I read somewhere one of the theories was that the lead plane had probably suffered compass malfunctions, and that the others did,nt dare mention that their readings were different, consequently they just followed the leader into oblivion. As for the mariner, well of course they did all the safety checks before taking off, but there was no way they would have been aware of metal fatigue. It all could be case of coincidence, the lead plane of "flight nineteen" suffered a catastrophic compass malfunction, and the mariner most likely suffered metal fatigue which caused the plane to explode. That's my theory anyway. By the way BUD, i do like your stories.

6th October 2012, 23:01
Interesting comments...... This is the reason for my postings of different Nautical subject get chatter going about it all, opinions, thoughts, what others have read, or maybe experienced, and to respectfully agree to disagree when necessary.....I just think that is neat as hell.
Well I certainly appreciate SN for allowing me to post my stories/articles me an "outlet" for them....and wish to thank one and all for all the nice comments that I've received.

In my really don't get any better than this.... Love this site.
Thank you all

6th October 2012, 23:46
New inventions make some peoples imagination run amok, the person who invented degaussing sure got some one's brain working overtime. It seems to have some bearing on the so called Philadelphia experiment. Only yesterday did i watch a program about degaussing during the war, there was one part were it stated after a ship brought a magnetic mine back into port, the degaussing was turned off prematurely and it exploded.