The Cost Of Men And Ships

15th October 2012, 14:39
Do you realize that approximately twenty-one million tons of Allied shipping were lost all this caused by the end of World War II....??? Let me put that in some sort of perspective for you....that is about 5, 150 ships. Now another awesome fact is: Over half of the above figure occurred by action in the North Atlantic....and one third of that to submarines.

Another 'figure' that I wish to throw out to you is what the Nazis paid in this as well......they built about 1, 162 U-boats....and as near as I can gather from umteen sources that I've read...they lost about 784. lets translate that into a human equation. The number of
U-boats built, factor in the amount of men per U-boat and you come up with about 41,000 submariners.....well 'Mr. Reader'....about 28,000 perished under ghastly circumstances.

What I've read about this huge loss of life due to 'wars' is just the tip of the 'iceberg'....and in relation to what I've read, researched over the years that I've been pounding out my nautical stories and ship histories...I threw into this article. I hope the 'young' read this...and maybe future generations will think twice about those three letters of the word "WAR"

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