A Scandalous Affair

16th October 2012, 17:42
Fortunately, the United States is not currently in an all-out shooting war for survival or the nation would be in serious difficulty if it had to depend on the San Antonio and other ships being built under the current management cooperative between industry and Naval
leadership. The original contract was awarded to Northrop Grumman in December 1996. The original commissioning date for the San Antonio was planned for 17 July 2002, yet during builder trials, its performance was far below standard and incredibly poor. In an unprecedented decision, the unfinished ship had to be transferred from the Avondale Shipyard to the Mississippi Yard (headquarters) for repair and completion. This brand-new ship could not mover under her own power despite having been christened a year before. This sounds more like a novice third-world country than the most powerful nation on earth.

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16th October 2012, 21:56
Not to worry Bud it happened in G.B. when an RFA vessel was removed from the Builder's Yard (Swan's) and sent to Govan ? for completion due to cost overun's etc, etc. Other's will know the detail's better than I.