The Battleship That Invaded Union Square

19th October 2012, 14:26
Oh my goodness!!! never heard of the USS Recruit, and her being at dock side at "Union Square" in New York??

Well 'your not alone' if you have never heard of the above.
Back in 1917 we Americans found ourselves at war with Kaiser Wilhelm's Imperial Germany....and we needed 'recruits'.....big time!!! All around the nation quota's was set for acquire the men to fight in this first European War, and low and behold the 'quota's' were not being met. As an example: New York had an assigned goal of 2,000 men....and only come up with 900 enlistments. So some 'brain storming' had to be done to raise the number of enlistments.

Well New York City's flamboyant and imaginative mayor, John Purvoy Mitchel got involved.....and take a gander on what his idea was.....and believe it or not.....IT WORKED!!!!

This is just a short little article on some Naval History you may not be aware of if I've tickled your interest....and if you want to take a few minutes to read the can do so by clicking HERE (