What Think You Of An American Fleet?

21st October 2012, 15:32
Did you ever wonder just how the U.S. Navy actually got started???... How she took that first 'baby step' in acquiring a Navy?

You see the United States of America is one of the very few countries in the world which can claim what at least some justice to have had a navy of at least some sort since its very earliest days. Actually the above ship picture....which is a ship named "Hannah" was "the ship" that got it all started....and to top it all off....Rhode Island....the smallest state...had her nose right in with all of it ....now that dear folks it pretty darn neat. This all took place of course back in the late 1700's....actually 1775 to be a state of fact.

The above "Hannah" was in fact a 78 ton schooner....converted from a merchantman....to a tough seahorse by adding some cannons....and a number of swivel guns.... Now you would think this ship that was suppose to be the first ship to help the colonys gain independance, would have been paid for by Congress.....whoa...hold on there ...that is not the case at all. Ole George Washington he dug deep into his own pocket and paid for that schooner himself....as well as all the conversion from schooner to ...somewhat of a warship.

So this was the 'bare bones beginning' of what was to become and we now know as the U.S. Navy....oh yes we went through many steps from the "Hannah" to where we are today....but when you look at this ship your looking at the "first steps of an infant vessel that actually turned into a mighty warship fleet"

If you want to read about the bare bones beginnings.....[and there will be more articles on this as I go along this path in attempting to provide some insight on how we got from 0 to where we are today]....this is a long article...but I believe it is super informative, as well as interesting just click on this title: WHAT THINK YOU OF AN AMERICAN FLEET (http://navalmerchantshiparticles.blogspot.com/2010/11/what-think-you-of-american-fleet.html) I really do think you'll surprise yourself on the interest you have in this part of history...

Stephen J. Card
21st October 2012, 16:11
So what you are saying is that the FIRST ship of the UNITED STATES NAVY was... in fact... BRITISH DESIGNED AND BUILT AND FITTED WITH BRITISH GUNS. More than likely most of the officers and were ex ROYAL NAVY as well!

Sorry... couldn't resist.

The early American colonists were well trained in ship construction and there was a vast number of colonial ships in trade and even privateering. In fact a lot of what they knew about building fast ships was learned from Bermudian builders. Of course the American's continued to learn from the Royal Navy.... the dreadnoughts... angled flight deck (I think!) .... replenishment as sea etc.

So why they persist in running a fleet of 'DRY' ships I'll never unbderstand!


21st October 2012, 16:53
Hey.....in my opinion.....there wasn't much that "we" [U.S.] could take as our own ideas...at least in the beginnings of it all. The purpose of my articles are to make readers aware of different aspects of how things came about....oh yes, I have an opinion....but I'm never 'dead fast' on any of my nautical opinion. The next journal, or research book I pick up may change that...so as a hobby writer I attempt to keep a very open mind....History is history...and I find it super interesting.... Who came up with this or that......I just find interesting, as well as I'm in awe how powerful nations got from "O" to where we "all are now."
Thanks for you comment.......that is what the articles are suppose to do...generate comments, conversations, interest....and the "what if" So....I honor all opinions....they make my day......Love it!!!!

21st October 2012, 18:28
It is something I have always wondered about. Why is the US Navy dry. There is (or was in my case) nothing more nicer than a few beers as the sun goes down