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22nd October 2012, 14:57
We've all heard or read about Omaha....and Utah beaches....all hooked with the word "Normandy Invasion." It was an enormous undertaking by everyone concerned....amassing a huge array of more than 4,000 ships, landing craft....all were berthed in United Kingdom preparation for one of the largest amphibious assaults in modern military history.

This article....will provide you with just a tad of the years of planning...and regardless of all this planning....the things that "went wrong"...and why they went wrong....some were just mistakes....but some were not. Then you have what the sailors and soldiers faced.... The Navy guys to get those soldiers on that beach...and in such numbers that effect could be made on the enemy.....but it was well known that there was going to be many casualties in this "assaults of all assaults." And this was "just getting them soldiers on the beach"....once on...there was still intense fighting them men faced.

If you'd care to give this some of your valuable reading time....I do believe you will be enlightened to some degree and provide to you some idea just what went into this WW II assault, and actually I have only explained just a tip of the iceberg of this event.

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Hope you find the article interesting