Battle Of Empress Augusta Bay

24th October 2012, 12:53
When it come to the Solomon Islands...we knew that the Japanese would throw everything they had to keep us out of this area......and they were willing to pour all the Naval forces they could muster to prevent us to invade a beach called "EMPRESS AUGUSTA BAY."

Yes better known I suppose as "The Invasion of Bougainville". We knew going in to this invasion this was one hell of a coast to set our sites on as far as an invasion of the island....swampy...not much depth...and the list goes on and on....but it was the best of what was offered.

So...we sent the troops in...yes the Navy brought the land fighters to the area...but there job was not done by just dropping off the troops and "getting the hell out of Dodge"

The "Big Wigs" of the Navy knew that the Japs was going to send in their heavy equipment to come between the invasion and the beach head....well the U.S. Navy had other ideas..... Actually it was a night battle of the Naval heavyweights....which in the end marked the end of the Solomons campaign and the beginning of the Japanese rout from the Central Pacific.

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