Britain: A Need For Oil

25th October 2012, 14:03
In the present situation as the world's nations manuvers to seek other energy resoures....for their needs....brings to light what Britain was going through for its need of survival in early 1940's.

Britain's need for oil was have to realize that every gallon she needed had to come from over seas....and man oh man she was in the relm of fighting a war at the time....this my fellow readers was a huge problem.

So...the role of "Tankers" and those of her friendly nations was absolutely vital to the Allied cause. But....oh yes!!!! there was a "but" ....those German U-boats were waiting in the dark depths of the Atlantic.....

This article will give you some insight on just how tough of a job of getting oil across the pond was .... Lets just take Convoy TM1....nine tankers departed from Trinidad for North Africa....on Dec. 28th 1943...with 25 million gallons of gas to help supply all the tanks, trucks and aircraft....

Well "Two" made it ....yes you read correct...."2"... So if you wish to get a grasp on what some of these ships and there men went through...and what led up to this....that is if your up for this.....just click on this link:


I really do think you'll come away with a tad of what a tough job ships and men faced in attempting to "get the juice" to the boys at the front.