Chaos At Shiminoseki

26th October 2012, 15:41
There was a fairly new tactic in 'mine warfare' that was being considered......using mines in the sea really started back in the late 1500's and the idea was played with with fellows such as David well as Robert Fulton dabbled in it as mines had been around for a long time....but what is an effective way to 'deliver' these units of mast destruction to an area?

Well during WW II they ['they' being the top heavy hitters] come to the conclusion of using B-29's or better known as 'Superforts' to fly over an inlet or an entrance to a harbor and drop mines....figuring this could and would tie up the shipping going in and out of that harbor fairly well.

This light bulb of an idea transformed into a highly effect noose that tighten when we made plans to shut off Japan's 'aorta' of getting commerce in and out of the Straits of Shiminoseki. We decided to use mines, dropped by the Superforts and close off this route.

This plan, which there was five phases to.....was called "Operation Starvation".....and let me tell you folks it worked like a charm.

In this article there is a tad of mine history....but the meat of the article has a fair amount of 'detail' in it....and I myself think it adds to the delivery of just how effective this operation ended up being, and how cost effective it was in comparison to other military maneuvers.

It is a rather long article....but chucked full of excellent info .....if your into some good reading just click on the below title:


Hope you enjoy the article

26th October 2012, 16:19
Mining is still the best way of causing havoc as we may yet find out in the Gulf although I see the Allies have plenty of Hunter/ Sweeper's in that area.