Historic Leith ship wins prestigious award

4th November 2012, 21:53
Aboard HM Belfast, Greenwich in October, presented by HRH Princess Anne:
The SS Explorer Preservation Society is proud to announce that our Chairman
Simon Sawers has been awarded a Marsh Volunteer Award for Historic Vessel

SS Explorer is an historically important Leith registered fisheries research
vessel currently moored in the Edinburgh Dock, Leith. Built in Aberdeen in
1955 and included on the National Register of Historic Ships, SS Explorer is
the last steam powered ship of her kind in Britian and, like the RSS
Discovery before her, was built solely for the purpose of scientific

The SS Explorer Preservation Society is a small volunteer society concerned
with the restoration and preservation of this unique vessel.

Simon Sawers, 25, has been a volunteer aboard the SS Explorer for more than
half his life! Over the last two years Simon has taken on the role of
Society Chairman and through hard work and determination he has revitalised
the Preservation Society, grown its volunteer base and actively led the work
required to save this historic ship for the nation. Simon says:

I am delighted to have been nominated but this award reflects on all the
crew and volunteers aboard the Explorer and encourages us all to continue
with such a worthwhile and unique project. I first became involved with the
Explorer in 1999 aged 12, when I was given a tour of the ship with the local
Sea Cadets, where I was a member. I returned to the ship the following
weekend, and have been actively involved in restoration since. I am still
the youngest volunteer aboard the ship though we do have a lower average
volunteer age compared to other historic ships. Explorer offers a wealth of
opportunities for the local and national communities which we are keen to

SS Explorer Preservation Society

Marsh Volunteer Awards

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5th November 2012, 15:30
Well done to you all....(Applause)