The Ss Manhattan & The Ss Washington

20th November 2012, 16:55
Two handsome United States Lines cabin liners brought about a revolution in class nomenclature on the North Atlantic. But fate was to cut their days of posh cruising short when WW II saw both the SS Manhattan and the SS Washington quickly converted into much-needed troop transports.

As the Navy's USS Wakefield and USS Mount Vernon, both proud liners would feel the sting of enemy action.

Actually these two Liners had accommodations equal to the best afloat. These Liners averaged over 800 passengers on westbound voyages in 1937....and don't forget this was in the depression years. They made there company a lot of 'dollars'....and I do mean a lot!!! They averaged over 68 percent of capacity...I'd say that would even be good in todays world.

Well both had there time in the war effort when the Navy took them over for troopships, and believe it or not they both lived to tell there here it is.

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