Meanest Ships Afloat

22nd November 2012, 14:55
If you've read much on the battles that took place in the Pacific in WW II you would come to realize that there was alot of islands that the Japs held dear......and 'we' had to figure out a way to "overrun" those fortresses.

Well "thinking & doing" as you know are two very different things. The U.S. Navy knew we could get the Marines to those islands....that was not the problem....getting them "on" the specific island was another matter entirely. all boiled down to concentration of fire power....and let me tell you young people it was the greatest mass of fire power the world had ever seen.....carriers, battleships, cruisers, and destroyers....all of this to pound them beaches so as the Marines could get there foot on dry land.

But.....yeah....there is always a "but" isn't there? The Japs was dug in pretty good on these islands....fortfied those beaches pretty the Marines knew it wasn't going to be a "walk in the park" in getting ashore. The Marines "bellied up to the bar" and stated they needed more firepower to get there butts safetly on those beaches.........
The answer...........turned out to be what many consider the .....

If you'd care to give this one a going over...just click on the above title.

Oh yes there is some tactical data in the story on the LSM(R)s...but for the most'll get a feeling of just how 'awesome' these U.S. Ships were....firing 24 rockets a minute...240 high explosives raining down on a football size area....well folks that is four projectiles landing every second.....anyway you look at it would tear the hell out of that football size area......

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