Verdi and Virgil

20th February 2006, 21:00
I am looking for information on the final fate of the 1954-built Verdi (sold in 1963 to Germany and renamed Kilo), and 1956-built Virgil (sold also in 1963 and renamed Metre). Any ideas?

fred henderson
20th February 2006, 23:55
My information is that L & H set up Metric Line in 1963 to provide European feeder services and that Verdi and Virgil were sold to the Dutch "Het Gein" company and chartered back to Metric for 10 years.
In 1974 Verdi became the Cypriot owned Annet of C Englesos. She was transferred in the same year to the Greek flag as Katopodis G and owned by Katapodis Brothers, Piraeus.
In December 1977 she was beached in Derna Harbour, leaking badly and became a constructive total loss.
Virgil was sold to Lebanon in 1974. She changed hands in Lebanon a number of times, was in and out of lay-up and was last known to trade in 1996, with no trace after that year.

Best regards
Fred (Thumb)

21st February 2006, 11:10
Thanks Fred, I didn't expected such a quick and useful answer for these small coasters.

21st February 2006, 19:17
Hey well done Fred, (Applause)

I knew both ships well, and I have often wondered myself what happened to them.

Thank you from me too.