Victim Of The Kamikazes

24th November 2012, 16:44
The USS Newcomb (DD-586)....a 2100 ton Fletcher class destroyer....a real "go get her" kind of warship.....and believe me she lived up to this to the hilt!!!!

On the 6th of January 1945 she, as well as others, got into a fight with enemy aircraft.....and she even received fire from a friendly vessel in the area that was attempting to splash a Jap plane.....which caused seventeen casualties ....of which two were fatal.

Then on the 6th of April the Newcomb got into battle with many Jap Kamikazes...and again she took one heck of a beating. Oh don't get me wrong here...the crew of the Newcomb splash several Jap planes....but as she manuvered into her ordered position in the Pacific Theater of operation to protect other vessels is where she got hit mighty hard.

The first Kamikaze crashed into her after stack....the second one came in low on the starboard side bow ...she was shot down...but the Newcomb wasen't so lucky on the third one...that one hit her in the vicinity of the torpedo workshop....and let me tell you ..."all hell broke loose."

If your into reading about "in the heat of the battle" espiodes that took place in WW II....this is one you don't want to miss. The Newcomb lost 43 officers and men well as 64 more were wounded.....and most would say...."this lady is not going to make it!!!" But she did....and this is the story of how that took place.

If you'd care to read about this event....and view the damage that took place...not only of her but others as can click on this link:

I think after reading you'll come away with wondering...."how did they do it...and keep their right mind?"