Peter Eccleson
25th November 2012, 00:23
What happened to the ACL vessels manned by Cunard-Brock? I thought that there was a replacement built for British flag following the loss of Atlantic Conveyor but can only find Swedish registered vessels built around 1984.
Anyone shed some light?

25th November 2012, 00:52
The Atlantic Conveyor replacement of the same name was built at Swans in 1984 and was British flag/crewed and manned by Cunard-Ellerman up to 1990 when she was flagged out to Sweden and all Brits replaced.Think they only had to keep it UK Flag and crewed for a minimum amount of time under there conditions of getting build subsidised by the Gvt

Nova Scotian
25th November 2012, 21:10
The second Atlantic Conveyor, built to replace the vessel lost in the Falkland War, was launched under the red ensign and sailed with a British crew for a few years. I visited her in the early eighties at the Fairview Container terminal in Halifax. At that time John Brocklehurst was C/O. John and I had been watchkeeping mates on the original Atlantic Conveyor. John was on the Atlantic Conveyor when she was in the Falklands and I believe he now sails as Master on passenger ships.

Shortly after my visit the present Conveyer came under the Swedish flag. She continues to be a regular caller at Halifax and I still think its odd to see her flying the Swedish ensign.

Peter Eccleson
25th November 2012, 22:07
Thanks gents .... what a shame a she left the British flag

22nd February 2013, 05:59

Greg May here, wow, what a blast from the past. If I remember correctly weren't you on the Conveyor in the Falklands, or were you on the Causway? How are you doing?