Cunard Liners when IMRC

25th November 2012, 08:23
Qualified as R/O at Northern Counties Radio College at Preston Lancs
from 1959 to 1961. Got a 1st Class PMG. Joined IMRC and did 2nd
R/O on Houlder Bros Ore Carrier, "Orelia" GRMM. My stint as 2nd R/O
was very brief as on my arrival at the berth, the head R/O was comatose from too many beverages and remained that way until a day after we sailed from Dagenham. Fortunately I'm a fast learner so poked around radio shack and figured out what was what. All old IMR gear. I trained on Marconi.
When R/O Mr K ( I won't name him) finally surfaced, I'd done the TR
QTO the WX report and cleared GKR traffic. He was pleased that I was
coping and retired to his cabin for a celebratory whisky. Didn't see much of him in a functional state after that so I did all the watches and comms. Cargo was ore pickup in Malaga, Spain and the old man had Mr K signed off and sent UK repat. I then became the R/O.
After my obligatory 6 mnths apprenticeship! ha! ha! I did another
2 years on cargo vessels mostly Prince Lines out of Liverpool tramping around the Med. Then I got the call. Join the Queen Elizabeth
in Southampton. I was wrapped. This was my heyday. If any of you
want to be bored by me bragging about servicing anything up to
5 young ladies per night on each 4 day Atlantic crossing, I will be happy to oblige. From there went Cunard "Caronia" doing world cruises. Not as exhausting as QE but busy nonetheless.
Then went back to "Queen Mary" on N.Atlantic run. Did the last Atlantic voyage on QM but not the delivery run to Long Beach, CA
where she sits today in concrete. Then did several Carib cruises out
of Ft.Lauderdale, Florida on "Carmania". Had a ripper time. My cabin
was the number one party venue onboard.
Then two disasters struck. No.1 IMRC lost the contract for Cunard
Liners. They handed control to Brocklebank R/O's. No.2 .. A Chinese
consortium that bought the QE as a floating University sabotaged her
and she sank to the bottom of Hong Kong Harbour.
Would like to contact any of the R/O's that I served with.
The name back then was David Butterworth.

25th November 2012, 08:27
On behalf of the 'SN Moderating Team', welcome aboard David.

25th November 2012, 09:02

Also on behalf of the SN Moderating Team, thank you for your fascinating introduction and a warm welcome aboard from the Isle of Anglesey - you will thoroughly enjoy the SN experience!
You will certainly spark many happy memories when you explore our threads and, since there are plenty ex-RO members, you have a good chance of re-establishing contact with old shipmates.
Good luck! (Thumb)

25th November 2012, 12:06
Greetings David and a warm welcome to SN. Bon voyage.