Sinking Of The Uss Princeton (cvl-23)

28th November 2012, 12:51
This particular Navy warrior started her ship life in a strange manner ---and her life ended in tragedy----not only for the vessel herself, but for her crew and crew's from other ships that attempted to help her.

The USS Princeton was actually laid down as a cruiser (CL) .....given the name "Tallahassee." She came off the building blocks being reclassified as a carrier (CV)----but low and behold she was again reclassed just over a year later to a Small Aircraft Carrier (CVL-23).

The Princeton was a busy naval vessel, but when she hooked-up with carrier group TG 38.3 which was cruising off Luzon, she got into a world of hurt.

The ending to this story is not a joy to read....actually somewhat sad....but there again that is just all the more reason to read it if for no other reason than to learn how costly our freedom has been.

So if your interested in reading about this proud ship and her well as the ships and crews that attempted to help the Princeton in her time of need....just click on the title: SINKING OF USS PRINCETON (CVL-23). (

Hope you enjoy the article