The Civil War

30th November 2012, 12:44
You can go to any library in any city or town and find book after book describing the beginnings....and ending of "The Civil War"....and all the battles inbetween, so can I say, "Yes, much has been written about the battles...the 'why's'....the 'what-if's'....and what 'should-have-happened.'

Did you know...or do you realize it was America's down right uglyest war? Also I mean to tell you the blood of those killed run "shoe top deep" across our nation.

If you pick up any of the above library books that I referred to'll see it so noted in those books that more American's died in the Civil War than in WW II. Oh yes ....I will agree the figures are somewhat inflated due to numbers being from 'both sites.'.....but they still were 'American's' WoW!!!....just give that a moment to roll around in that 'grey matter'....that is alot of grief!!!

And just think...all of this took place on American you see 'Trauma" settled over our nation like a grey storm cloud in the dead of winter.

Inter-woven in this slaughter of Americans were naval forces. Did these naval forces have an impact on the Civil War? You bet they did.....both the timing and direction of this War was affected.....Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm....something to consider here.

Ok...this brings me to the article that may sort some of this all out for is a "two part" article, a link to both parts are listed below.....hopefully it will be an informative well as an interesting article. Just click HERE ( read.