The Seagoing Ambulances

30th November 2012, 12:52
In you've dabbled in reading many naval articles....especially where warships were named you become accustom to those "letters" that follow the name of the ship. After awhile you get somewhat educated on just what some of those letters refer too......such as a DD, DE, CL,...etc..etc...and the list travels on for a few pages.

Well this article that I'm about to spring on you is about a group of vessels that you may be unfamiliar with.....and the letters at the end of the name you've not seen before....reason is not much was ever broadcasted about these 'corks in the water.' But, if you were on an assualt ship that was involved in a WW II landing on one of the Pacific Islands....and your particular landing ship got hit with 'incoming'....and you were the were sure glad to see these guys......they could and did save 100's of lives. Hospital ships were not always available in these mass landing assaults.....they couldn't be in the mix someone had to get in....get the 100's of wounded out of the well as have expert medical help to treat the wounded and care for the dying as well....not a pleasant experience.

They were I.D ed as PCE (R)......Yes!!! they were the "Navy Seagoing Ambulances".....this is a story that will drive home what these guys went through to help others. I call this a 'grey story' but one that needs to be told.
If you'd care to give this a read.....just click on this title: THE DECKS RAN RED! (