Shell Tankers Borus

5th December 2012, 10:41
Hi folks, Reading comments about Doxford driven shell tankers reminded me of my time on Borus during 1959/60. Our Aussie 2nd was always trying to "re-tune" our 3 cyl. doxford. (Trying to go faster tha Bela and Bursa). I'd just come off watch,4-8,having sandwiches,called back below to help.They had jammed side-rod locking nut,could not shift it,i was only one who could use 'BIG' hammer left handed.Problem solved,back to sandwiches to find them being devoured by cockroach's. We reckoned they came with the ship when she escaped fro Suez. Captain,C/E and R/O brought down to Aden after the trouble in 1956. Happy days.
Fred, shellsailor.
ps. sandwiches went out of porthole into Surabaya harbour.

5th December 2012, 15:15
Well, I nearly became a shipmate of yours. I was staying at Connel
House in Singapore waiting to join her as third mate in April 1959 (?) when orders were changed to join Nicania. Sailed in her with Captains Sam Weller and J. Thompson. She was scrapped about a year after I left her.