The "Home Front"

8th December 2012, 16:50
I somewhat made a slight detour in 'subject matter' on this particular article....the article is not devoted to a 'Nautical Theme'....but it is tied to 'those boys that went to war'...and I just wanted to bring about some of the 'Recollections' of "The Home Front" during WW II.

I'm sure alot of what is in this article many of you will remember....or the article will 'kick start' the ole grey matter for you to mumble to yourself....'OMG!!!...yes I do remember!!!

On the other hand there are probably things in the article that you didn't know took place on the home front while the husbands, boyfriends, sons......were fighting the war to keep our freedom. Then again if you are young....then all you've learned is what you've heard from the 'old timers'...and read in the history books... is a jog back in time....that may interest 'one and all'...if nothing else it 'jump starts the memory' into a time when...."it was one for all....and all for one" win a war....and we would do just about anything to accomplish that task.

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