All She Had To Give: USS Gage

17th December 2012, 13:25
A worn-out troopship donated hundreds of parts to other ships being restored as floating memorials.

Now you can say what you want about these old 'troopships'....and if you've ever been on one I'm sure you have some pretty harsh words of the living conditions on these floating buckets of iron.....but this old girl she stayed in a "giving mood" even in her retirement years.

Alot of people that visit the ship museums in the U.S. don't realize that to fix up these ships of war you have to gather parts from someplace....I think most of us just "take it for granted that what they are seeing just came that way".....well hate to burst your bubble folks....but there is one heck of alot of work to get these rust buckets in shape for all of use to even begin a "walk through."

Any is a short article that provides the reader with somewhat of an 'overview' of how all these museum ships get well as how 'mother natures wild life' ...can actually slow down the process the point of "stopping" the salvage of these retired warships.

So if you'd care to give it a go.....just click on the title below


26th January 2013, 17:56
Great article! Thank you for sharing.


26th January 2013, 18:14
Bud, you will be pleased to know that the vessel's that came across the Atlantic from James River to be scrapped "donated" part's after refurbishment to other vessel's both inactive and active. The black hulled vessel look's interesting what do you know about her?

26th January 2013, 19:38
Another very interesting article, thanks Bud.