British "X-Craft" Tirpitz Tale

17th December 2012, 13:36
This is truly a "David & Goliath" article.

The Germans had this 'huge' battleship.....I'm sure you've heard of the Tirpitz......she was a beast of a fighting vessel, and as far back as 1941 the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty considered the destruction of this massive vessel. They knew that this was not going to be any easy task on this 42,000 tons of striking power.

The Tirpitz had a lair that she laid in ....the Alten Fjord....[200 miles inside the Arctic Circle]....and in this lair she was well protected by sheer cliffs.....even considering to bomb her would be estremely difficult....but one thing the British knew for sure:.....
If this beast ever got out into the North Atlantic and got into the throws of using her 15-inch guns....and her sleek would be pure destruction for the convoys. was conceived that midget submarines would be considered.....or they were referred to to take on getting in the Tirpitz's lair....and blowing her up.....

So here is the accounting at just how this all took to read:

I don't think you'll be disappointed in reading

These guys had two ways about it.