19c. Fishing smacks, Hull

20th December 2012, 08:13
My sister is researching our grandmother's maiden Hame and it is known that during the nineteenth century family members [ 4 ?] with the surname Hame were smack owners / crew members, sailing from Hull [and possibly Lowestoft / Brixton].
John W Hame might be our great grandfather and from historical records in Hull, I have identified these vessels owned by John W Hame :-- Agnes H82, Confidence H1075, Woodlark H702, Leander H1049, Liberal H768, Londesborough H1206, Maud H682, Paragon H873, Percy Walter H813, Rayner H895, Rose H1066, Tom Bourbine H803.
Presumably these vessels were sailing fishing smacks, with two masts ?
Records also show that Walter Hame was skipper on Young Peter and Magic.
Can anyone give me any information please on the Hame family members connected with fishing from around this period, or hopefully any information on the vessels mentioned ? It is known that at least three Hame males were lost at sea, presumably in the North Sea and probably at the same time.
Thank you.

20th December 2012, 08:31

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