Tragedy Off Eatons Neck

20th December 2012, 13:10
It was to have been a routine overnight trek for the fastest steamboat in service ....but fate stepped in and only four out of 143 survived the fire that sank the steamboat LEXINGTON in what still is Long Island Sound's worst sea disaster.

Now some of you may know how Henry Wadsworth Longfellow had his name connected too this tragic event.....but if you don't I'll enlighten you just a tad.

You see Henry Longfellow was suppose to depart on the 4 p.m. sailing of the Lexington on her fateful last sailing...and low and behold he got detained.....he did arrive at the dock...just to see the Lexington pull away....he waved his arms and all that stuff...but "just" missed the boat!!! Well the next morning he awakens to this glaring headline in the morning news: "134 DIE AS STEAMBOAT LEXINGTON CATCHES FIRE AND SINKS IN LONG ISLAND SOUND.....ONLY FOUR SURVIVE!"

Actually this is a pretty interesting if you'd care to give it a read.....just click on the below title

By all the data I've read....this must have been "one tragic 'hell' that no one ever wishes to think about".

Hope you enjoy!!!