Sneak Craft Attack In the Pacific

20th December 2012, 12:20
Many of you that are 'somewhat' interested in the history of the U.S. Navy, the wars it was involved in no doubt has read a tad about the midget subs at Pearl Harbor on that dreadful day in our history.

Well this article not only provides some insight into that situation but as well with other manners that involved the "Sneak Craft." So you see "midget subs" were not the 'only' manner in which the Japanese was taking on a type of warfare that was fairly new to us.

There was the midget we've stated....well did you ever read about the "Explosive Boats" and how about the "Sea Tigers"....that swam up to a ship with a torpedo....the Japanese used every means available to them to lay destruction onto the enemy....

This article is an really is a 14-pager...and so will take a tad of time to read...many pics I don't think you'll be disappointed in giving this some of your reading time.

If you'd care to 'give it a go'....well just click on the below title link and it will pop right up.