Gerry Anderson

26th December 2012, 18:08
You must all remember the programs !

26th December 2012, 18:36
A man that inspired generations of engineers and was almost prophetic with his space station and many other ideas. He spanned generations too with our children being as inspired as we were.

Even with all the technology at the fingertips of today's creators it will be very hard to surpass the giant that was Gerry Anderson.

Adrian Walker
29th December 2012, 09:33
Look beyond the strings and sometimes comical puppets, and see the brilliant imagination manifested in so many awesome creations that have inspired generations.
The first time I ever saw a Citroen DS I thought it was Thunderbird 2 and decided I would would own one one day, and I did.... as to which came first, well it doesn't matter.
Another star in the night sky now, F.A.B, R.I.P Gerry.