Madeira New Year Ships horns Concert

5th January 2013, 12:44
Had pleasure to be in Maderia on New Years eve on the Thomson Majesic. when all the crusie ships in port played on there ships whistles "2012 Last Sunset Symphony" Written by: Francisco Loreto
Follow the link and enjoy

Mad Landsman
5th January 2013, 16:54
That is marvellous. How on earth did they organise it?

There is something about ships' horns at midnight on new year's eve that 'does it for me' in a way that the current vogue for pyrotechnics never can match.

5th January 2013, 21:11
I agree it was not so good on board but when you see it from land it,s a different story well composed. The local tourist board organised as a thank you for the cruise ships that come to maderia.

6th January 2013, 20:22
Hi Degzie

You will see your ship here

I show all the ships in Funchal, Madeira in the cruising section, Ship & Port Cams. If you cannot see the above, it is easy to join!.

You should have had a great day taking photos of all the cruise ships in port that day or anchored?. I have never seen the fireworks, but they say they are very good (Thumb)

Tyne Turbine
7th January 2013, 02:39
Had the good fortune to be looking at the Thomson Majesty from the Boudicca in Funchal, and whilst as a lover of ships horns they were wonderful it is only fair to say that the fireworks were magnificent.

Mad Landsman
7th January 2013, 19:38
OK, I admit it, I have had a look at them on YouTube and the fireworks were pretty awesome as well.