Navy ship RIFLEMAN

7th January 2013, 18:30
Hello to all.
I am looking for information for H.M.S. RIFLEMAN.

My father served approx; 1943-1948 his name RONALD YULL from HUDDERSFIELD YORKSHIRE.

He served with my mother's brother ALEX GRIMSLEY from WELLING KENT.

WALTER WILLIAM YULL known as BILLY. (dads younger brother) died
overboard on S.S.SAN WENCESLAO christmas eve 1952 off coast of south america.

Any help would be gratefully recieved.


7th January 2013, 18:47
HMS RIFLEMAN Algerine class minesweeper bt.1944 Harland & Wolff b/u Dalmuir 10.1972

7th January 2013, 18:58
HMS Rifleman improved Algerine class minesweeper, built by Harland and Wolff Belfast under yard number 1205. launched 25th November 1943 delivered 11th February 1944 Gross tonnage 1084

Pat Thompson
7th January 2013, 19:45

Have a look HERE ( for Rifleman's history.

7th January 2013, 20:03

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7th January 2013, 20:05
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7th January 2013, 20:22
I can remember Rifleman moored at Vickers shipyard, Barrow-in-Furness in the late 1960's, for use by Royal Navy personnel.

8th January 2013, 09:40
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8th January 2013, 12:18
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