Captain Mathison

18th January 2013, 23:43

I am presently reading Captain Mathison's book "Now the Long Trick's Over". I am curious of his where-abouts. I am enjoying the book very much, and was wondering if anyone else has read it. thanks

24th February 2013, 22:17
Ii think he died some years ago i am in my late 70 s i was a young man when i sailed with him in the 50 s he was skipper then

24th February 2013, 23:47
I read it last year, a good read.


Lloyd Housley
25th February 2013, 10:27
Just ordered it from Amazon and looking forward to reading it. The info there says he passed over the bar in 1993. I never met him myself but heard he was a good lad from anyone who'd sailed with him in Boltons.

26th February 2013, 01:59
Thanks for the replies folks. Sorry to hear he had passed on. Since posting this I have finished reading the book and enjoyed it very much. I have learned very much about the many ports he had sailed to and overall how it was to sail back then. It's amazing how many nautical miles he had under his belt. Then again, I am sure he is not the only one!