Eric woosey

23rd January 2013, 20:34
Anyone remember Eric Woosey who was an ED C/Officer around 1960.He was also a neighbour who gave me invaluable help prior to my first trip as cadet with Ellermans

24th January 2013, 00:21
Hi, I recall he was C/O of the Aureol in the middle 1960's. If I recall he was a low set guy. I also recall hearing that he passed on at a relatively young age.
He probably got a command after the Aureol that would have been the usual progression. Some guys on the cargo boats might have info.However around that time E.D's was in decline. Hope helps = Mike Higgins ex E.D.'s

24th January 2013, 01:03
Eric had a difficult life having to take early retirement because of devastating health problems.
First he lost an arm to cancer and later lost his sight completely.
Through all this he remained his old cheerful self and still enjoyed a pint at the ED's reunions which he always attended.
Sadly he crossed the bar about ten years ago.
A fine shipmate who set an example to many.


24th January 2013, 10:42
Thanks for you replies.What a sad loss .Such a nice and helpful man.

bev summerill
24th January 2013, 22:16
I sailed with capt Woosey but I cannot remember which ship as my discharge books have gone into a secure place and I cannot remember where i put them. Old age dos not come alone

24th January 2013, 23:05
Thanks Bev for your interest and reply. Good luck